Big appetite has big wisdom 14 buffet full experience

Eating is a breathtaking
33 east restaurant
Lobster buffet enthusiasts note – June to gearing up east 33 in this summer’s Beijing offers the most cost-effective dramatic type seafood buffet – seafood species significantly increased than in the past, the main lobster unlimited, oyster alone three from France, dalian and fujian, each have their own practical, also have different taste.Other big xiaoqing lobster, crab, fish, all kinds of scallops, such as: all kinds of seafood unlimited free, king crab, Norwegian salmon fat, fat prawns taste full.
The most impressive is, of course, every Friday Saturday seafood buffet festival each limited a Boston lobster – ranging from size to taste very good, need a shanghainese will savor gourmet taste buds and a small clamp, a long flesh gadgets.Deep water immediately boiled, so to ensure the pure raw and fresh sea flavor, so-called will eat people will leave a pile of shells, don’t eat people is a waste, it is said that each into the price is in 120-120 yuan between, so the main seafood, salt series and all kinds of cooking and baking products also cannot leave the Marine product, including grilled cod beauty lies in its taste unique smoothing and tongue to taste;Japanese longevity and sashimi is natural seafood.
In addition to the seafood, and small dessert fruits area, an figure of Italian kimchi including Yang mei, cherry, vanilla kimchi is jing from different region.Boutique in the temperament of the Chinese style is full of happy, warm atmosphere, the environment is suitable for family, friends, party buffet.

DIY seder court level A few action let you earn enough face

Mainly based on its government, in fact many are from my old family private kitchens, production process is not complicated, the key is to boil the preparation work is very complex, especially the wide application of various kinds of soup.Now a lot of ingredients, convenient family high shift of semi processed products can be purchased, and includes soup, soup and Shang Ji with these arrangements a old government family style dinner, could be made between implicit let you face.

Medical beauty 10 good autumn detox ingredients

Autumn is the season of dry, especially easy to eat dry heat, accumulate in the body of toxins. Oneself to eat less food easily lose, embellish system of food is the best choice, here we prepared for you ten of the most easy to find, to teach you spent to raise colour, eliminate toxins, eat the nourishing of good figure. Sweet potato
Sweet potato contains fiber soft easy to digest, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help defecation. Eat roast sweet potato is the best, and even the skin roast and eat together, tastes sweet and refreshing. yi
Yi can promote blood circulation and water metabolism, play the effect of the diuresis detumescence, help to improve the oedema fat. Yi is good detoxification method and water directly to the yi with boiling water after bad, suitable personal taste to add a little sugar, natural skincare product is a skin whitening. oats
Oats can smooth bowel aperient, make excrement and urine volume larger, moisture, cooperate with fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, play the role of detoxification laxative. Will be steamed oats into juice as a beverage to drink is a good choice, also can add other ingredients, when beating apple also dry, nutrition, can promote bowel movements.

Love chocolate healthy eating sweet secret

Forrest gump said, life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to taste.As a kind of all over the world due to unique fragrance and attractive taste snacks, chocolate’s charm lies in its unparalleled taste and rich variety of categories.In Mexico in the 4th century North America, the ancient indians to a substance called cocoa, through the simple and wonderful processing into various can bring comfort to people at that time the taste of food, the composition and processing on now it is very funny, such as add chili, chilly, corn flour or other in the remote s unheard of some unknown spices, you can imagine the taste of it at the time.Chocolate’s predecessor, but as I love it, that the efficacy of the earliest and health is linked together, the cocoa beans and the combination of various herbaceous plants with similar to our Chinese herbal medicine health effect, they are often shown in can refresh and physical fitness, so widely consumed by the royal aristocrats groups, rather than the common food.About in the 16th century, spaniards had put the cocoa powder and spices stir in sugar cane juice has become a quite sweet sweet drinks, drink can stay awake pleasure — that is, at the time of chocolate is not available, it’s raw material was found to have a certain magic health role.This can have health effects of substances has been obscured history screen, it was not until the 1980 s scientists developed area, it is cocoa flavanols.
Real food can be called chocolate is in 1876 by a Swiss research called/named Peter, he is unique to the Spaniard added milk, cocoa powder sugar cane juice drinks a milk chocolate, is also a symbol of the modern chocolate.Soon after they seized upon to liquid chocolate dehydration concentrate into pieces of easy to carry, and save the chocolate candy, since then, its unique fragrance spread to the taste buds of people around the world.Slowly, of course, we found that the delicious also has several benefits: it can alleviate depression, for example, to concentrate, strengthen memory and improve intelligence have effect.

Healthy, delicious, novel new vegetarian advocate hit the capital

“Mountain with pearls and jade Jane” has been recognized as a symbol of the rich and nutrition, and now on the table statement “I’m a vegetarian” are more and more.Has nothing to do with religious beliefs and taboos, vegetarian diet low in saturated fat, can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and other benefits has been recognized.Vegetarianism has become a kind of fashion, with warm attitude, affects the Chinese food culture and the modern dining table.
A vegetarian is to choose light empty dish “jai”?Of course not.Vegetarian food to taste is more healthy food, to enjoy is more scientific nutrition balance and supplement.Located in a busy section of the Asian games village hall, vegetarian restaurant, taste “healthy, delicious and novel” put forward by the new vegetarian argues that, at least in the capital city circle an upsurge in the “food was” agitation.
Health care due to a heart
Vegetarian sources associated with the incoming of Buddhism, Buddhism in health is defined as the total integration of the body and nature.Bo flavour hall has been scrupulously abide by their understanding of health, carefully selected natural, fresh, high quality raw material, make a series of original health food.According to bo flavour “primary” # #, nutrition and safety were the two standards in the aspect of material selection, ingredients from origin to maturity through the layers of the accused.In the process of cooking, bo flavour hall is chose brand vegetable oil and olive oil, including the raw material with fresh green leafy vegetables and saffron, refused to any synthetic pigment, even without adding fresh squeezed juice did really.
“Imitation of meat also should pay attention to hun vegetable collocation.”Bo taste them, says the Lord.To store the high popularity of iron black pepper line as an example, the fresh vegetable protein fibre “steak”, also specially added the dishes such as broccoli, potato, celery, exert a subtle influence on transmitting the health concept of hun vegetable food supplement.
Devout heart of service customers, the natural first firm faith, the bo taste cooking more attention-grabbing hall health characteristics.
Produce impressions Product is not only the taste
Is different from the general vegetarian restaurant, taste don not by the characteristics of Buddhism is given priority to, simple but elegant, quiet and pure soft is every one of the most direct experience of the diner.Dining room colour is pure color is given priority to, mural outline of temperature of warm meaning Jasmine atmosphere, quietly blooming flower arranging, soft music ornament, is in the heart can not help but be permeated with the light of joy.One example exquisite dishes, as if also contains some zen, let all the customers in taste the delicious and at the same time also can feeling cleansed by heart.
A friend complained of imitation meat in pursuit of love, a lot of oil and seasoning, losing flavor ingredients, it will also violates the health.”Authentic”, was Mr Hall right clinging, and exquisite dishes, not excessive pursuit of the feeling of pure love.Like meat meat, between the breath can feel like meat flavour, can also be distinctive taste the flavor of the ingredients of the original, is a kind of extreme treats.
“Notice us the thickness of a flame of tofu are different?”Speak of their specialties, bo flavour open Lord took pride in joy, “the knife cut but we after many experiments of oh. Eat up feel special Q?”She called the kitchen of his home is a “laboratory”, each a dish because through the experiment of the heart and is full of love and magic.
A flower a fruit into the dish Tired of boring
Archaism cloud, the gastronomes, while modern higher standards on food: should not only eat fine also eat novel and interesting.Bo taste also continuously pursue innovation on the side dishes, fruits and boldly petals into the dishes, from color to taste, make food become more interesting.For instance, there is a call “love at first sight”, is the creative joined the rose petals as a side dish, not only on the shape, the point will be more unique beautiful roses taste is blended with other ingredients, jing is colourful, surprised, touching and feeling a little immature from between the teeth have been flow to the heart.

Which celebrity endorsements in those years we all went to the city

Brand not only need to find a celebrity endorsements, actually a lot of tourist cities also has its own queen’s image ambassador., of course, different cities can choose according to their respective city features to suit the temperament of star, let’s take a look at, in those years, we always went to the city of celebrity endorsements.New Zealand tourism markets in Asia general manager fu Mark (Mark Frood) explained: “yao personal temperament is very pure and fresh nature in New Zealand is committed to build hundred pure image, her trademark smile is the best of the word” wake up “. We believe that yao In the huge influence of broad population will help improve the understanding of the Chinese tourists to New Zealand and interests, encourage more Chinese tourists to visit New Zealand trip to open their own awakening.”Light chrysanthemum as quiet as she xu jinglei give off mystery and pure temperament to Sri Lanka becomes more fascinating.Sri Lanka is a subcontinent at an island on the Indian Ocean, on the other side of the cover g strait and the Indian peninsula northwest.”Sri Lanka” in the sinhala mean light, fertile land.Because of the beautiful scenery, Sri Lanka has been praised as “the pearl on the Indian Ocean.South Korea love scene is notoriously, to moving, so have to smoking.Sweeping the global youth culture in “Korean wave” is a large part of the derived from the spread and influence of Korean dramas.So, han location filming site now has become a popular tourist scenic spot, the government play the star brand publicity South Korea tourism, of course, is the most sensible choice.Stefanie sun in vivid personality, pure and fresh and highly popular sentiment has been appointed as the latest Singapore tourism image ambassador, also with the vibrant cosmopolitan city it is very much in Singapore.To Singapore tourism, food, shopping, culture, little also not blend each other, the splendor.Walking in the jungle, through the beautiful streets, among them, had enough of you.

Unity, invite you to drink coffee in the New Year is your city cafe

7-eleven CITY CAFE started Shanghai convenient forms the first brand of coffee
Into the exciting news SMS/Shanghai – 】 【 2010, busy white-collar workers in the sudden cold winter’s day, also for the next can add surprise story to life.After a year financial freezing winter The young people, the brand has become more pragmatic and rational consumption concept.Choose the opportunity, Shanghai 7-eleven launched “invite you drink coffee in the New Year” activities, will be popular in Taiwan six years CITY CAFE in Shanghai, and launch “Italian grinding coffee brewed parity series”, Shanghai feel warm winter!
Have a rest in the afternoon, entered the business circle in the corner of the 7-eleven, order a a minutes into the palm of the Italian cooked CITY CAFE, aromatic warmth will instantly melt your physical and mental chill, and the price is only a third of the most high-end coffee, at the moment you will find that the original parity of coffee also can bring the enjoyment of luxury.7-eleven invite you drink coffee in the New Year, it is between friends greetings, and unified, bring Shanghai consumers a New Year greeting!
CITY CAFE parity Taiwan the first brand of coffee Temperamental belle hours for image
In 1998, the high price of coffee war has just begun, unified, have begun to study low coffee supply mode.Operators realize that will provide elegant and leisurely drink coffee stores competition environment, the price of the civilian is very important.In the end, the pursuit of quality of 7-eleven in Taiwan in 2004 introduced a parity and do not break coffee culture of CITY CAFE, and Taiwan, please first temperamental belle hours as a CITY CAFE in Taiwan, from the fierce competition in the coffee market has opened up their own heaven and earth.
Today’s Taiwanese convenience store market, coffee convenience store formats have already entered the white-hot competition, and take the advantage of 7-eleven convenience stores, coffee market, 2009 CITY CAFE selling out of the 90 million cup, sales amount is already amounted to nt $3 billion, is expected to break through $2010 mark.7-eleven will be “the entire city is my cafe” brand claims Taiwan customers heart deeply.CITY CAFE has also become a 7-eleven another feature of the proposed new life form carrier.
In the future, as the Shanghai 7-eleven stores number increase, unity, will the CITY CAFE this parity and costly coffee experience will bring more consumers in Shanghai.And as the same Shanghai white-collar pursuit of international fashion trends, the fast pace of urban life convenient also need caring quality coffee experience.CITY CAFE will become a white-collar group, Shanghai purchasing cheaper coffee the best choice.
Recommend New Year three best CITY CAFE phase with dessert
The chilly sky of winter, 7-eleven in addition to the always welcome cooked CITY CAFE, also carefully to like coffee prepared many white-collar workers the most appropriate and coffee with dessert, give you a perfect CITY CAFE experience!
Recommend a: small lovely round green matcha red bean curd, priced at 6.5 yuan
Recommendation 2: sweet and not greasy, delicious delicious triangular plain cheese cake, priced at 5.5 yuan
Push three: delicate and attractive, classic taste of chocolate cake, priced at 5.5 yuan

Wear a stylish blue coat collocation method

Blue is the color of a kind of very bright and easy, easy to wear a fashionable rob mirror look, especially the girl likes to wear a European and American wind, if tired of wearing black and white coat, in attempt to descend a blue coat, will bring a surprise to you.
This blue coat design experts, belongs to the simplicity of basic, bright color is the biggest bright spot, it is very obvious, the streets are dark winter coat, is it appear very individual character, let a person shine at the moment.
This blue coat is very fashionable profile design, the sleeves are loose, it appears very fan, collar design classic and spell able, four pockets design increase the detail place of individual character, in a small black and white plaid dress, fashion and elegant have feminine taste again.
The blue coat adopted the classical design of small suit type, appear very capable, overall look simple and easy, color is very eye-catching fashionable, easy to deduce atmospheric wind in Europe and America.

Eight kinds of chocolate to let him change to high quality male gas method

In the western countries, chocolate is known as the necessary weapon “good guy”.It can timely provide your body needs calories for men, let the brain more clearly.The soldiers during world war ii, chocolate is not only the front physical necessity, is also the generals’ brain power supplies.
To treat ailments with chocolate
1, feel muscle pain, eat some nuts chocolate
Nuts contain large amounts of antioxidants, cooperate with cocoa ACTS on the human body, can effectively paralysis of the brain neural sensitivity, local analgesic effect.The study found that eating 30 ~ 50 grams of nuts, can be in half an hour to muscle pain by 20%.If you are at the end of the gym, often feel waist sour, back pain, can eat some nuts chocolate immediately.Medical experts pointed out that the strongest antioxidant effect of almond, hazelnut, is your best choice.

8 kinds of common food Eating out of the narrow waist beautiful bosom

Many small chest mm all want to pass dietotherapy method breast enhancement, but also worried about the chest grew, other parts also fat.We recommend below eight kinds of food, can breast enhancement, and can be targeted to reduce belly, not afraid of getting fat.
, according to research in the soybean milk is rich in soybean protein, can not only supply sufficient nutrition, also can promote the excess cholesterol excretion, decrease the cholesterol in the blood, and promote fat burning;Soybean lecithin can inhibit fat hoarding, but also can improve insomnia.
In addition, some of the female adult, lean body mass in breast fat accumulation is less, so the breast is not plump, must go on a diet to stay slim over a long period of time such as Lin supermodels, this was the case.To eat more soy foods, it can be added, plant hormone and help breast fat accumulation, have breast enhancement effect.Before Lin injured angel face beauty experts who design for her add raw eggs in sugar-free qing soya-bean milk breast enhancement recipe.
Tips: soya-bean milk protein content is higher than milk, and honey contains a small amount of organic acid, the two dashed against the, organic acid and protein denaturation precipitation, cannot be absorbed by human body.

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