Fresh Mix modern bloggers Mix

A little attention to people taking snapshots of this face will not be unfamiliar, the most famous star blogger LOOKBOOK Kristina is a very essence of fashion, grade small she with excellent wear ability and keen Still touch in the fashion industry has long been drawing parallels, street snap is a line of magazine has been included.Her style is pretty fresh mix build modern and elegant, the hottest trend of the elements can be seen in her body, and simple and practical, is a modern city ladies great example of daily wear.White silk shirt and black leather pants and a combination of black and white, soft and tough collision popularity at the fashionable fashionable van.Blue green printed pants rob mirror, the printing of heavy and complicated lay down like sea breeze relaxed tone;Tie-in white T-shirt and coat, and simplified and white, well don’t stand out.Printed one shoulder dress sexy enchanting, artistic full-bodied ink printing without the noise of a profusion of garden flowers, elegant and generous.Petals Peplum dress coat is one of the most popular item in this summer, the modelling is quite rich and unique design cover the waist fat, reshape the waist line at the same time, the practical index is extremely high.Tie-in black skirt, elegant and agile.White lotus leaf edge one extremely brief and pure and fresh, golden necklace ornament is essential;Scarlet rivet joining big handbag is make the finishing point, let the instantaneous tripping out of shape.Set with color printing T-shirt bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt of tall waist, nifty and clever, like high school girl is pure and fresh and sweet;Major component of the metal necklace, high heels, and deep red lip makeup to the fresh mix into a hip, urban has a combination of angels and demons.White suits, white silk printed shirts and white shorts the supplement of the tone of whole body relaxed;Shorts large printing for modelling the perfect ornament, pure and fresh and delicate.Fruits and vegetables printing bra is fashionable hot this summer, black skirt collocation, small dew sexy;Big wide-brim hats and enthusiastic printing bra is the most IN the seaside holiday outfit.

The five questions More than one response

People like to choose in the New Year to go to the hairdresser do hair care, hope the hair immediately restored to health and luster.Little imagine, stylist often seize the consumer’s lack of hair physiological knowledge the town, fool their expensive price, do meaningless hair care.May be satisfied with its special at a hairdressing salon, but before long will be back.Here, Paula teacher action beautify hair common sense, to teach you to distinguish those beautiful “trap”.One, in fact, silicon is very good to the hair, all kinds of price hairdressing supplies more than 80% silicon-based!
In hair products propaganda, often used to some thing in public and Yin a classic case.Claim not to use, for example, some harmful ingredients to the hair, as a product’s selling point, actually their products was also contain these ingredients, even more interesting is that these ingredients itself is completely harmless.
2.Salon use prices available conditioner effect is very good?
It was a complete waste of money!There is nothing special in these products or ingredients alone!Compare the ingredients you will know that they are only general conditioner!Don’t be fooled by salon, to buy this kind of “instant conditioner”.
3. The AD model’s hair is very beautiful, because use the advertising of that kind of product?
Of course not!Various price products advertisements show hair effect is almost always a shape!While you were out of the salon hair is nice because after a hairdresser do, not because of who you are using the products there.
4.All natural hair products minimum damage to the hair?
Funny is that a lot of natural ingredients to the hair and scalp potentially harmful, and many synthetic ingredients not the problem.
Even derived from natural ingredients such as coconut, wheat, milk, such as composition, once through chemical processing become clean or care ingredients, the “natural” characteristics would be lost.
5.Which does not contain a perm or hair dye ammonia than containing ammonia softer!
Although excluding ammonia, but in order to have the same effect, the choice of alternative ingredients can damage hair, just no ammonia smell like that.

Spring will BUY than it is better to proceed with a baseball windbreaker jacket

Guys!Spring, it’s wardrobe and winter say BYEBYE, everybody had the spring item list ok, wait a minute, look at the end of this article think about it again.
Baseball shirts, for which we must not unfamiliar, said sure there will be someone who doesn’t have a baseball windbreaker!But, are you sure you bought the right?Are you sure you match right?
Taobao detonation model can get it, less color, only you think not in taobao can’t find without you.We said is not sew letters today can take to the streets of detonation jacket, but modern baseball windbreaker.
To say how good this baseball shirt to wear, see gd and Niall James.
On May 3, 2013, Beijing, G – Dragon (gd) solo concert held a conference in Beijing.Gd crutch domineering appearance shape.
London, local time on August 20, 2013, the film “one-way band: This Is our” (One Direction This Is Us) London premiere.Niall James in gd with appearance.

Why are you dressed soil?Do less because the 5 things

Winter officially ended, whether to have a sense of awakening?Eager to buy new clothes to make a turnaround, don’t need to hurry, closet can wear old clothes do a little change whole new LOOK.Maybe you think each item low, to want to throw away, it’s because you don’t know the advanced tips, dress as long as you do for the following 5 things can save money to buy clothes.
Who doesn’t tie?Seemingly simple a small action can make you fashionable high-end up immediately, so to the neckline will draw more bony shoulders, pointed collar can also modify the shape of face, instantly look as high a level.Don’t let a suit and a belt will bring you more women’s waist, and skirt, let business attire is soft.A decorative belts can make you on formal occasions.Casual belt method also can make more perfect for you.

1 meter 74 is not high also not short it’s best to wear Zac Efron is the best example

Domestic donnie yen, sun hong2 lei2, Andy lau and Nicholas tse, abroad have Zac Efron, Ed Westwick they are average height 1 meter 75, hear the number is think height is so important?Than the height must be powerful dressing skills more taken seriously by people.
1 meter below 80 for the Asian version to suit
Zac Efron
Speaking of only 1 meter 74 actor Zac Efron, everyone knows he is abroad a few small is dressed male.Bizarre T-shirt, favors the little black dress, classic suit, slender boots, he can handle.
Suits LOOK
Zac Efron this Chinese style vertical stripe can bring a suit in the visual version will be more close, so as to fit more show figure, legs jeans with a point of short boots, workplace and the party can wear it.Pay attention to the suit small is not for Europe, Asian version more appropriate, will also show the effect of high.
Say to the casual or Zac Efron best, three pieces of basic fix nightclubs, hoodies for whole add many fashion sense.Remember the position of the belt shows above the waist, best can elongate the leg line.

Don’t miss this package only 40 star also very want to have

A while ago, and 15 years in the first wave of the new bag unveiled as the latest fashion show, small make up thousands of shows in the figure, put your love of 11 big selective again, guess you will like this 40 bags, but if you have no confidence to oneself, upper body effect, can watch stars together to find their love whose bag?The two bags of soles, such as design elements could be 2015 summer tide of people rushed to bag, joker again advances, traditional and practical design handbags, T stage collocation remind you it’s time to look for them?
Big brother ren is currently in fashion’s hottest Chinese designers, launched in 2014 and the joint design of H&M, causing a global plunder, don’t make friend rob to have wood have?Chris is likely to have income bursa ~ remember chunchun red of this a few pieces of cooperation, markup is still difficult to accept it ~

Following the 2015 the new trend that protect skin Use opportunely skin care new “oil”

Recently, in a return of “oil” care in beauty field, an absolute skin maintain “Johns” winter season.However, just from the skin-care essence oil?And how to use?Let small make up tell you!In 2015, have to!MM people way of skin care will also change, in the past a lot of people always complain about skin care effect is not ideal, the essence of water with skin is dry, a thick layer of cream painted on the along while also do not absorb, not to mention floating powder dry lines to come!In fact, this is the skin in a wake-up call for you, it’s time to give skin a little “oil”!The New Year, your skin will instantly be refreshed!
As l ‘oreal Paris’s first essential oil concentrate, this joker essence oil can be used and every change the way your skin!Condensed the jojoba seeds, geranium and rose GuoSanDa natural plant ingredients, apply to dry skin dry, tired and blain blain, balance moisture, nourish and balance.In addition, the essential oil concentrate more exclusive high-tech extraction technology, through the breakthrough single formula, bringing pure efficient nutrient to skin the most deep.
So, how to use the essential oil concentrate?Let the editor come first, the author will teach you the top 3 “hot” usage!!!!

Tide guest preferred wear a wonderful modern street fan

Had gone into the late autumn period, in the face of more and more cold weather, how a garment to win!?Now, let the editor for you haunted by a number of recent photos in the streets of fashion week fashion, one by one for you to shoot tie-in skill, effortless do a late autumn fashionable young woman!Qiu dong the dark street is boring, a contracted outline of light color coat will surely make you more brilliant, can draw lessons from milan fashionable guest silvia bergomi tie-in way, will be more than a pure color sheet is tasted mix out of the street, but don’t forget the detail place of innovation, such as urban light sneakers and structure under wind round shoulder short coat.
Late autumn tie-in proposal:
Round shoulder design, absolutely is your autumn/winter atmospheric modelling design elements of the point!Just a coat, avoid cumbersome, and easily into the streets, if you want to more show the overall proportion, can obtain a three-dimensional cutting short coat, pure color and agile clipping, let you rippers, intimate and moving.Australian editor Christine Centenera is well-deserved collocation, all kinds of difficult to control the item in her hand was easily done.Like the stripe element and color piece combination of oversize coat, golden collar to use its concise, and bring a new modern art breath profile type of coat, inside a low-key all – black, don’t rob coat style at the same time, also highlights the fashionable style of color piece together.
Whether color piece, or the whole face, splicing technique makes winter coats are no longer heavy.Stripes with montaigne impression, hitting scene atmosphere and with the French style.Can also choose a double light wool coat and a purple rich moment will winter color is light, with pure black inside build or such as fluorescent green fresh color, all show a confident temperament.Digital printing to upsurge in recent years is still hot, glaring avant-garde visual impression, but the eyes of the absorption of collocation is also put forward higher request at the same time, why don’t you to fashion editor and mix fashion tide people learn from Taylor, using printing collisions or local brighten.
The charm of a printed sheet is tasted absolutely beyond your imagination, everything will be all for digital printing highlighted the modelling of boring and dazzing and become lively and energetic, you can try to obtain a digital printing down jacket, warm and stylish, printed or color photos, compared to the tail tooth shape is colourful all!

I don’t know these you dare go on the trip?

Norway, Japan, France, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Russia and so on the country, all because of its unique local conditions and customs, get the favour of tourists in recent years.But, the somebody else a few cultural taboos are you know?The following if you don’t know, light is to make a point penalty point lepta, shameful joke or may also has been jailed in a foreign country!Fast up pose together!
1 don’t give a tip
Different from the familiar countries such as Thailand, no tip the practices in Japanese culture.Don’t leave any change, or the Japanese after three mile to also want to pay you back…
2 ready to take off their shoes
Japanese people and their love is clean, if you see others take off their shoes in some occasions, that also please do so.Pay more attention to: the room door of Japan has a small place is called “porch”, slightly lower than elsewhere and where is used to take off their shoes.
3 don’t hug people just know
Most shy Japanese people don’t like hug, especially the old man.So, it is good to bow a bow!
4 escalator don’t stand on the wrong side
Stand on the left side of the escalator in Tokyo, in Osaka, standing on the right.You should do what others do.
1 nude beach a lot, see no evil
Naked at the beach, the local people feel very comfortable, both men and women don’t wear a half piece, but if you look at somebody else, is really very impolite.
2 everyone is equal
When you accept service don’t playing, not to entertain wild hope the so-called VIP treatment.The people here are very casual, between people are a first-name basis.Even the prime minister, also is just a normal!

Stylish men must be membrane

Charm of men, not only to have eight piece of abdominal muscle and blade faces, enviable skin is indispensable.The use of mask becomes crucial.Editor will tell you today how men become “membrane” method.
You know, the mask of essence ingredients, are generally several times daily to protect skin to taste, now a lot of face film even contains a whole bottle of essence of nutrients.Compared to shoot water washing a face every day again with oil program, the effect of apply a mask, is many times higher.By ten minutes penetrate into the skin, can provide the energy for a few days.
Man must first know the day when is the best time to apply face film, on the evening of 12 at 3 PM is the skin to repair damaged cells, so in this period of time or before bedtime apply best, will help with metabolism of nutrients into the skin.
Our skin a natural barrier is the stratum corneum, prevent loss of skin moisture, and ph value, the generation of corneous layer Xie cycle for 28 days, namely every 28 days the metabolism of corneous layer some dead cells, so up to 1 months do chamfer 1 times can, frequently chamfer can damage corneous layer instead.
So we apply face film besides may, in accordance with the instructions, can also according to the different mask do a rough time estimate: moderate moisture content, about 15 minutes after removing, lest the mask after working against absorb moisture from the skin;High water content, can use for a while, but not more than 30 minutes.

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